Ranch Amusement Park, Rapid City South Dakota  


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Welcome to the Ranch Amusement Park

How the Ranch works:


One attraction takes one ticket per person.  On average an individual ticket costs $7.50 (plus tax).  The Family Fun Pack is a way to save money!  The Family Fun Packs reduce the price of each individual ticket.  An individual ticket in a Family Fun Pack ranges from $6.50 - $5.75 (plus tax) a ticket.


One Attraction Takes One Ticket Per Person

Individual Ticket Pricing

                                    Single Karts                     2 Laps                    $7.50

                                                    (Must be 56 inches tall to drive a single kart & at least 53 inches tall for Jr. Single Kart)  

                                    Double Karts                   2 Laps                    $9.50

                                                   (Requires 1 ticket for 2 people, driver must be at least 16 years old and the passenger must be                                                      below 53 inches and 3 to10 years of age)

                                    Slick Track Karts            5 Minutes               $7.50

                                                    (Must be at least 16 years old)

                                    Kiddie Karts                    3 Minutes               $5.50

                                                    (Must be 4 years old and below 53 inches to drive) 

                                    Golf 10+                           18 Holes                 $8.50

                                                    (No Restrictions)

                                    Golf 5-9                            18 Holes                 $7.00

                                                    (No Restrictions)

                                    Rock Wall                        3 Climbs                 $7.50

                                                    (Must be 45-250 pounds and have closed toe shoes)             

                                    Bumper Boats                  5 Minutes               $7.50

                                                    (Must be 45 inches tall to drive)                        

                                    Bumper Cars                   5 Minutes               $7.50

                                                    (Must be 45 inches tall)

                                    Jumping Castle                5 Minutes               $4.50

                                                    (Must be 3 years old)                                           

                                    Bee Ride                           Per Ride                 $4.50

                                                    (Must be 3-10 years old)                                     

*8.5% Sales Tax NOT included in the prices

Individual Tickets Range from $4.50-$9.50

(On Average an Individual Ticket will cost $7.50)


Buy More Tickets, Save More Money and Have More Fun with Our Family Fun Packs!

            Family Fun Pack A             5 Tickets             $32.50 = $6.50 a ticket

            Family Fun Pack B             10 Tickets           $62.50 = $6.25 a ticket

            Family Fun Pack C             15 Tickets           $90.00 = $6.00 a ticket

            Family Fun Pack D             20 Tickets         $115.00 = $5.75 a ticket

1 Hour Unlimited Ride Wristband $27.95

*8.5% Sales Tax NOT included in the prices

Tickets are Redeemable Until September 1st of Printed Year

Tickets are Non Refundable